Final Expense Burial Life Insurance

Peace of Mind

Know that you will not be a burden on your family


Be remembered, Leave your loved ones financially strong

Funeral Planning

Don’t leave a mess behind, Have it all planned

Easy Application

No medical exams or fluids testing. Just Yes or No Questions


Express Issue

Your policy is issued in less than 30 days

Approval Up to 85

Everyone is approved regardless of health

Low Rates

Seniors on fixed income and social security can afford it


Rate Never Goes Up

You rate is fixed, It will never go up

Benefit Amount Never Goes Down

Whole Life

No expiration date, You’re covered till death

1k to 100k Benefit

You choose benefit amount to fit your budget

Benefit is Tax Free

Your beneficiaries receive the whole benefit amount


Why, USA One Insurance?

Local Agents

  • Build trust
  • Meet in person
  • Compare companies’ rates
  • Explain all details


Insured Services

  • Policy servicing
  • Final wishes plan
  • Medicare Advantage Help
  • Medicare Supplement Help

Beneficiary Services

  • Retrieve your Final wishes
  • Guidance thru whole process
  • Funeral home negations
  • Notify family members